Branding development for Talamore Property Group. Knoxville based specialists in property acquisition and improvement.

Branding and collateral materials for Kentucky based photographer, Scott Teodorski.  Scott's passion is nature photography but he also excels in capturing the beauty of people.  The logo employs a rustic look that nods to the photographer's love for the natural world.  The use of craft paper stock in the printed pieces also lends to the rustic esthetic. 

Branding and collateral for Altman Consulting, a Knoxville based company specializing in PR and communications.  The theme of connecting organizations and businesses with their customers and clients was a key focus for this project.

Brand development for a mobile app that allows a racers' progress to be tracked via bluetooth.  The app also features a direct notification system so organizers can let racers know if there are problems on the course i.e. weather related alerts. 

Brand development and business cards for Lansden Landmarks, a Knoxville based developer specializing in restoring Victorian and Craftsman homes.

Proposed brand for a non profit mission to send and later retrieve an 8 foot orbiter into space. The orbiter will carry an actual science payload as a science and space education project for all ages. A tribute to the many visionaries of both science and science fiction. The design is inspired by NASA Apollo era mission patches.

Branding for a bear awareness campaign conducted by Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.